Image is so important for capturing a new audience, and getting your genre/image across to your fans before they press ‘play’

Everyone knows that a great album cover is a piece of art in its own right, but with the rise-and-rise of digital music services, your audience can choose whether to listen to you within seconds based solely on your band image

Whether you need a studio shoot, an album cover, an on-location shoot or a gig covering, my rates start from £150 for 2 hours including editing

My previous clients include: Electric Swing Circus, Henry Chauhan, Military Wives Choir, Heavy Beat Brass Band, Falling Ghost, Laura Louise, Sylvia, Moseley Jazz & Soul Festival, Swingamajig, Anne-Marie Allen, Cat Murphy, The Tympaniks, Christof Jennings, Voice of the Town, AC/DC Experience, Maiden England, The Destroyers, Calypso Moon, Casey Rain & DJ Mylz Hedz