Most newly engaged couples looking to find a wedding photographer will peruse the Internet for local photographers. They will look at their work, and make a decision based on what they see. All wedding photographers have their own style in terms of camera angles, editing, posing, lighting and colours. There is not necessarily a ‘right’ choice, or a ‘best’ photographer. Couples will make a choice on whether they like a portfolio, and the photographer as a person.

However, when Qiraat and Wil saw my portfolio, they asked if I could do something a little bit differently…

Qiraat and Wil are massive fans of Wes Anderson films. His direction, camera work, colour palettes and use of symmetry make for captivating and easy watching. If you haven’t seen The Grand Budapest Hotel yet – load up Netfilx now!

They asked me if I could match his style for their wedding photography, which was booked at Highbury Hall, Moseley. I watched a couple of Wes’s films and loved them straight away…and decided I could at least give it a good go.

Unlike Anderson, I don’t have a team of assistants and lighting technicians around me. I don’t have months to stage every shot. It’s just me. I knew I could replicate some of his trademark touches, but I wouldn’t be able to create entire sets or backdrops. Highbury Hall would have to be used in its current resplendence.

As a result, of Qiraat and Wil’s brief, I had to look at their wedding shoot with different eyes. Wes Anderson loves symmetry, so whenever possible I would make sure the room allowed for lines to be straight, and for Qiraat and Wil to be central in the frame. This meant taking longer on each shot, and lining everything up with a tripod beforehand, occasionally moving furniture around, and keeping lines perpendicular. It slows down the day a little, but it was totally worth it!

The other massive impact on the album was the editing. Using Photoshop, I studied Anderson’s work and created some colour palettes that hopefully do justice to his own palettes. This meant changing the hue of each colour slightly (without it looking weird) and keeping skin tones close to reality.

It was probably the longest edit of an album I have done to date, but I was delighted. Qiraat and Wil were so happy with the photos, they recommended me to a friend for their wedding too 🙂

I feel the whole experience and pressure to change my style actually improved me as a photographer. It made me look at framing in a way I may not have done before.

If you are a recently-engaged couple and wish for a certain style/look, then please contact me to discuss your special day. A lot can be replicated if you can see the individual ingredients.