Photographing models and actors are a joy! Their confidence in front of camera and ability to look into the lens with ease makes my job a doddle. If a model is too shy, they probably aren’t going to make it.

Then there are actors who also do modelling, like Greddy Sohal. Already an established musician, he isn’t short of confidence, despite just starting his acting career. His knowledge and passion for fashion means he was also going to turn up looking great!

So we set up in my home studio, with 2 purposes and a range of clothing. He needed head shots for his acting portfolio, and some modelling shots to show the range of appearances and styles he offers. Greddy is cool and easy to photograph. He doesn’t giggle and can easily hold a gaze into my lens. The great shots keep coming and coming.

Before Frequency SeparationAfter Frequency Separation

Headshots are essential for every actor’s portfolio, but they are actually quite limiting in terms of creativity.

When a casting director is looking through countless submissions for a part, they want the actor to have an almost ‘expressionless’ face. This allows them to simply see the facial structure and skin colour as a blank canvas. If they are looking for an actor to play the role of someone with depression, a smiling profile photo isn’t going to be their preferred choice. Keep it plain. An actor will have the chance to show they can actually play the part during auditions.

The shots should be face on, or slightly to the side, with the eyes towards the camera. Lighting should be natural, or at least consistent. I use a 3-light set up, to minimise harsh shadows and highlights. Using my own studio means I can control light at any time of day.

Make up is minimal, again making sure everything looks natural. I just do a little post processing afterwards, removing temporary blemishes, and use frequency separation to finish*

*This has a similar effect to airbrushing, whilst keeping details like skin pores, thus looking more natural.

The image left/above shows the effect Frequency Separation has on the image. Simply slide the slider to show before/after effect.

After the headshots are done, we can get some personality out, and start playing with different ‘looks’. Greddy has come equipped with a suitcase of shirts, T-shirts, jackets and coats. I think we used all of them!

His relaxed, confident approach means he has total trust in me and my camera, and we get a variety of good shots very quickly. These will be used on his social media page and website, to promote his character, alongside his actor headshots.

Again, a little post processing including some colour grading, and we are good to go. 1 hour, and a dozen completely different looks.

Below are a couple more shots for his modelling catalogue, to compliment his acting shots.

If you are an actor, model or fashion brand, please contact me to arrange a shoot