Congratulations! You are engaged! You have months of planning ahead making sure your special day all goes exactly as you dreamed.

Everyone’s dream wedding is different but 2 things are key to capturing your wedding perfectly: the location & the photographer.

 I have been shooting weddings for 6 years now and pride myself in making sure the whole day is perfectly documented through a variety of shooting methods. I carry 2 cameras, 6 professional Canon L lenses, flash lighting and an array of other camera accessories and lighting to make sure your wedding looks perfect!

 I simply love shooting weddings! The special moments that makes up the day, and all the minor details that become future memories. It is my ability to make people relax, capture moments, control crowds and take and edit stunning photos that you will want to show your family and friends for years. Don’t just take my word for it. Look at the photos and reviews above 

Of course every couple wants the ‘classical photography’ method of family group photos and bride & groom shots, but there is so much going on in between these moments. I spend your entire wedding day shooting everything from reminiscing friends sharing a joke, to the kids playing on the lawn, to all the little details in the colour scheme, the cake and the decorations you tirelessly designed.

If you wish to see further examples, or meet for a no-obligation chat over a coffee/pint, please just let me know 🙂



I will be present from 30 mins before the ceremony, until the first dance

Photos: Over 500

Includes editing and joint image rights

Price: £995 (+ travel)


I will be present for all preparation & make-up shots, until the first dance

Photos: Over 650

Includes editing and joint image rights

Price: £1195 (+ travel)