• Costa Rica Sunset

    Simply the most breathtaking view I’ve witnessed. My wife and I both had our jaws on the floor, as this incredible sunset radiated over the incredible Costa Rican landscape I only hope I did nature justice here in capturing it
  • Cannon Hill Park

    Cannon Hill Park, taken winter 2015. A blend of 3 exposures, including infrared Available in 4 sizes, unframed or framed. Numbered and signed by artist
  • Dark Woods, Galapagos Islands

    Trekking back down from climbing the largest volcano of the islands, and totally sunburnt, this timeless wood stands. Mossy, dark and eerie. It looked like no one has ever ventured in. Totally wild.
  • Moseley Bog

    The wonderful Tolkien-inspiring Moseley Bog Available in 4 sizes, unframed or framed. Numbered and signed by artist


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